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Mountain Biking

The Superior, Montana area is mountain biker heaven. You can choose from a variety of trails, from family-friendly rides, like the world famous Route of the Hiawatha Trail, to more remote and demanding rides, such as Clark Fork River Trail.

Regardless of your skill level, you're sure to find any number of biking trails that you can enjoy. And don't forget: Many trails can be used by fat bikes, allowing you to explore the mountains during snow-filled winter months.
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The Crown Jewel of Rails to Trails

Hiawatha Trail

The Hiawatha Trail (Route of the Hiawatha Trail) is a trail converted from an abandoned portion of the Intercontinental Railroad. The route is approximately 15 miles. It starts in Montana, near the Taft Tunnel, and ends a few miles from Wallace, Idaho. Along the trail, you'll pass through ten train tunnels and seven trestle bridges, a couple of which are over 200 feet high. You'll enjoy scenic mountain views and the possibility of spotting deer, moose, and bear. On the Montana side, the starting point is the East Portal trailhead, at I-90's Exit 5.

A Premier Single-Track Ride

Clark Fork River Trail

The Clark Fork River Trail is an 18-mile trail that runs through scenic Lolo National Forest, along Clark Fork River's east bank. You'll be surrounded by old-growth forests, steep canyon walls, and rock gardens. Much of the trail is relatively easy to navigate, although, it does have a number of difficult switchbacks. The trail ends near Quinn's Hot Springs, so you'll have the opportunity to take a dip, if you're in the mood.

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It was a completely spontaneous outing for us and one of the highlights of our two-week camping trip. They've got the whole thing super well-organized and the ride is simply spectacular. Don't wonder if you're in shape or capable of doing it - it's downhill all the way. Prepare to get MUDDY! Just expect it.
Just do it! Don't even think about it. Hiawatha Mountain Bike Trail. Aimlessness, Trip Advisor
My favorite part of this bike ride was the initial tunnel (over a mile long) that then opened up to a bike trail that took us over train trestles, through more tunnels, and in the shade of tall evergreens and open sunshine. It was a cloudy day so the temperature in August remained somewhat moderate with a breeze. We took our time reading the historical markers and eating lunch. Some people did a round trip. We chose to take the shuttle back UP the hill. Take lots of water!
You will long remember this terrific bike ride!! Hiawatha Mountain Bike Trail. Susan D, Trip Advisor
What a wonderful ride and hike - two seasons, high summer and cool/strange summer days! Each day was unique in its color and serenity.
Colorful and Winding. Clark Fork River Trail. Kathy F, Trip Advisor
This was an entertaining afternoon single track. I ended up riding it again backward, I was by myself and had no shuttle staged. Trail flows well with fun downhills and some difficult climbs (hike a bike style) First switchback climb is difficult. Fun Downhill rock section with a drop-off on your right down to the river. Worth the ride for sure. Found several piles of bear dookie, fair warning.
MTB Project Comment. Clark Fork River Trail. Matt T, MTB Project